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wouldn't you like to know~
My name is Jodie, i like to draw anime characters, and my own. i live in Cape Breton, in canada. i love the korean, chines, and japanes arts. i'm an artist who loves to paint,draw(like i said above), clay (not so much though), and other artistic things.
[x] You don't give up easily. (what is this give up you speak of?)
[x] Your quick on your feet, as in, you have a plan prepared when put on the spot.
[x] You tend to be awkward or silly without realizing until it's too late. (sometimes i do it just fo fun/the hell of it ;P)
[ ] You like to explain or teach things to people.
[x] If you lose, you just work that much harder. (POWERGRIND FTW!!!)
[x] You stand up for other people's well being more than your own, usually trying to help them.
[ ] You have/had a Poliwrath as part of your main team in any Pokemon game.
[ ] You blush around a person of the opposite sex often.
[x] You're generally a nice, easy going person.
[x] You're very popular with people. (when I feel like it...)

[x] You tend to take things very seriously.
[x] You're annoyed easily.
[x] You're always calm and collected, given any situation. (to a fault even)
[x] You're very wise and mature.
[x] You're seen as a jerk, when really you're just going about your own business.
[x] You think two steps ahead at all times.
[x] You tend to keep a wide variety of Pokemon with you at most times.
[x] Your parent or grand parent is well known. (omg it's like my mom knows everyone everywhere we go!)
[ ] You've gotten 2nd place a lot of the time.
[x] You seem to have a "care less" attitude, but deep down you truly care about your friends. (yup~! but at least my friends know that I will allways be there for them if they need me :3)

[ ] You're very cunning and tricky.
[x] You are/were a bit of a thief. (The poor poor ketchup bottle....(don't ask XD))
[ ] You're good looking, which you can use to your advantage.
[ ] You take advantage of people.
[ ] You like the color pink.
[ ] You don't like birds.
[ ] You mostly keep "Normal" Pokemon.
[ ] You like/love cute things.
[ ] You like to mess with people.
[x] You have blue eyes.

[ ] You're shy.
[x] You have been mistaken for the opposite sex. (once when I wore a hat...)
[ ] You usually wear a hat.
[x] You can connect with people easily.
[x] You like to fish. (ONLY in Harvest Moon)
[ ] You just can't seem to tell that special someone how you really feel, huh? (naw just too lazy too...)
[ ] Most of the Pokemon you have are/were from other people.
[ ] You dislike Pokemon evolving.
[ ] You blush a lot. Even when there is nothing to really blush about.
[x] You absolutely love Pikachu. (OLDERVERSIONFTW!!!)

[ ] You're very obnoxious, to the point where people wanna punch you. (i wish)
[ ] You're very good at pool/billiards. (and bowling!)
[ ] You ride a skateboard or scooter often.
[x] You're very arrogant or full of yourself.
[x] You like animals and/or have a house full of them. (CATS! THERE EVERYWHERE!!!!)
[ ] You like to show off.
[x] You tend to hatch Pokemon Eggs a lot (soooooo many eggs it's not even funny...)
[ ] You like to hit on people.
[ ] You like the Pokemon Aipom or Ambipom.
[ ] You give people nicknames.

[x] On first impression, you're very distant and cold. (yup~!)
[x] You're very quiet. (not really... but i prefer not to talk unless i have to)
[x] You take things almost too seriously.
[ ] You seem angry a lot of the time. (Naw just look like i don't give a fuck...)
[x] You'd rather keep a low profile.
[x] You think your best friend is annoying.
[x] There's this one person that you would do anything for.
[ ] You have/had a Sneasel/Weavile as part of your main team in any Pokemon game.
[x] You're quick to anger.
[ ] You choose a Pokemon based on power rather than the Pokemon itself

[x] You're a hard worker. (when i'm interested in it)
[ ] You work more than you play. (quite the opposite really...)
[x] You tend to rely on your legs more than your arms. (NO upper body strength whatsoever!)
[ ] You can kick pretty hard.
[x] You like stars.
[ ] You've actually completed the PokeDex in any game. If this is true, I salute you.
[ ] You're never a violent person. even when mad.
[x] You catch a lot of Pokemon, as opposed to trading, breeding, gifts, etc.
[ ] You've worked with young children at a school once in your life.
[ ] There is one person that you can't stand, but can't be without them.

[ ] You have a scar somewhere on your body.
[ ] You love Pokemon Contests.
[ ] You've suffered a near fatal accident as a child.
[ ] You're attracted to the "wild and crazy" type.
[ ] You wear glasses.
[ ] You like to dress up your animals.
[x] You sometimes forget things that are important.
[ ] Your birthstone is the ruby...
[x] You tend to hide things from people.
[ ] You can run very fast.

[ ] You dislike clothes.
[ ] You're wild and dangerous
[x] You prefer Pokemon battling over anything else in the games.
[x] You're attracted to the calm, relaxed type.
[x] You're a tough person, but you're still sweet and bubbly deep down. (closet romantic)
[ ] You make a lot of bets.
[ ] The person you like doesn't show any interest.
[ ] You have an outfit someone made for you, or at least an article of clothing.
[ ] Your birthstone is the sapphire.
[ ] Someone you know suffered because you were scared to do anything.

[x] You're short.
[ ] You have a past you like to keep hidden.
[x] You love Pokemon battles.
[ ] You use a lot of machinery or technology wherever you go.
[ ] You tend to borrow things from your friends.
[ ] Your favorite color is green.
[x] You're older than you actually appear. (unfortunetly -.-')
[ ] You wear long sleeved clothes. (no way its too hot here)
[ ] You have/had a Sceptile as part of your main team in any Pokemon game.
[ ] You enjoy the Battle Frontier in any Pokemon game.

[ ] You like to eat...a lot.
[x] You're protective over certain people.
[x] You're quiet sometimes
[x] You make puns at inappropriate times.
[ ] You tend to be the follower. (hell no! im THE leader)
[x] You're very laid back, not caring what people do.
[ ] Most of the Pokemon you use are slow and bulky.
[ ] The person you like is out of your league.
[ ] You're kind of a dimwit.
[x] You can cook. (somewhat)

[ ] You're very hasty at times.
[ ] You're like to make jokes, preferably with a partner.
[x] You're very bossy and like to take charge.
[ ] You usually hit your friends.
[ ] You call people by their full name when you're serious.
[ ] You see stand up comedians as an inspiration.
[x] You wake up earlier than your friends. (got no choice)
[ ] You have mostly fast Pokemon on your team.
[ ] You've learned a lot from your mother/father.
[ ] You've known your best friend since first grade.

[ ] Your family is very rich.
[ ] You enjoy to travel.
[ ] You like to try new things.  
[ ] People often worry about you.
[X] You tend to lie every once in a while.
[x] You're a much better writer than speaker.
[x] You like get dressed up for special occasions.
[x] You dislike the cold weather.
[ ] People take care of you more than you take care of yourself. (true)
[ ] You have been called a princess/prince.

WOOT!!! BITCH I AM GREEN MOTHERFUCKING OAK!!!!!!!!!!! BOW DOWN TO MY AWESOMENESS (pointedly looks at Red >.>) >:3
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  • Listening to: Fairy Tail music
  • Reading: fanfics
  • Watching: Fairy Tail
  • Playing: Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley
  • Eating: Grapes
  • Drinking: milk

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